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[lose 3 sizes in just 2 weeks!]

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Dec. 11th, 2008 | 02:40 pm
posted by: ipso__facto in siamesepirates

To: Whiskey in a Teacup
From: Tiny Fireworks
Subject: RE: So that I don't snap...

Yeah, I’m totally craving candy canes now. Or maybe just a peppermint mocha... Ok, I ate a ton of protein for breakfast this morning – I had plain nonfat yogurt with pecans and craisins in it. I thought that was supposed to fill you up! I’m STARVING and I have been for AN HOUR. WTF dieting. *rageface*

To: Tiny Fireworks
From: Whiskey in a Teacup
Subject: RE: So that I don't snap...

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